Pinch Me Box Review- May 2017

Pinch Me Box Review- May 2017

Pinch Me is a completely free sampling service. You fill out some initial surveys and then, here and there, you will get a short survey to see if you qualify for a different/new product.  Each month, on a Tuesday, at noon, you log into your account and you can shop the samples that are available to you. You then try the samples out throughout the month and review them on the Pinch Me website. The surveys are very easy. 

The first month I qualified (March 2017) I only got to try three products and I was able to receive all three samples to try. Then for this box in May 2017 (after reviewing my March 2017 Box) I qualified to try six products. I only took five of them because only five of them interested me. This box took longer then expected to come so I missed out on June's box. They also seemed to be having technical difficulty that month. I know a few other bloggers that had similar issues and missed out. When July rolled around I qualified for four items but could only put three in my cart. This was a bummer as all four products interested me. 

Pinch Me Box May 2017

Reviews for my boxes will come later then the box month because of how long takes to get the box followed by me trying the samples and giving you honest feedback. I am not paid or endorsed by Pinch Me and the options I give are 100% my own. 

Pinch Me May 2017 Heartbar

The first item in my Pinch Me box was Corazona's Heartbar Oatmeal Square. The flavor was blueberry. I could see this bar appealing to several people, but it was not for me. It reminded me of a fruit bar my mum used to buy my brother and me when we were children. My brother loved them and I did not. I did not taste the oatmeal and the blueberry was very sweet. Tasted almost like it had a graham cracker crust instead of oatmeal. My husband really enjoyed the bar and the flavor of it. He gave it a 4.5/5 stars and I gave it a 3.5/5 stars. 

Pinch Me Box May 2017 Unisom Sleep Gels

The second item in my box were Sleep Gels by Unisom. They are a non habit forming sleep gel for the occasional sleeplessness. I thought they would be interesting to try, although had my husband in mind, when I ordered these. He did use them while I was out of town. He said they did help the one night he used them. He could not tell that the pill knocked him out and he was not groggy in the morning. He said it felt like more of a helpful nudge them someone knocking you out. He wishes they would have given two or three nights worth to see if it worked more than just the one night or if it was coincidence. He gave them a 5/5 stars. 

Pinch Me Box May 2017 Muse Coconut Infused Cat Food

Third, was Muse by Purina coconut milk infused wet cat food. This paté is grain free for cats that need that diet. Before I gave this to my cats I figured I knew who would like it more. Birdie, one of our cats, likes seafood and eats as if she is trying to watch her figure. Willow, on the other hand, prefers poultry for her meat. She also eats as if she will never get another meal. Wet food is more of a treat for my cats because usually they get dry food only. 

I split the can between the two of them. Birdie ate it which I was surprised at but only ate about 1/3 of the total can (not 1/3 of her half of the can.) Willow really enjoyed it and even finished off Birdie's dish. 

This is not a product I would buy on a weekly basis but it is nice to know of a wet food that both of my cats enjoy. Neither of them had upset stomaches afterwards which they do get sometimes when I try a new food in their diet. I gave it a 4/5 stars.

Here is a cute photo of my cats enjoying their Muse by Purina. Aren't they adorable! 

Cats enjoying their Muse my Purina.
Pinch Me Box May 2017 Shea Moisture Lotion

Next up, Shea Moisture Sensitive Skin Hand and Body Lotion. Shea Moisture is a company I got turned onto a little over a year ago because of some skin issues I was having. I have been very happy with several of their products. I have been enjoying this lotion and still am but it has really helped my husband. My husband has extremely dry, cracked elbows and he was been putting this lotion on his elbows here and there and the lotion has really helped smooth and soften his elbows. The only downside to this is that even though it is fragrance free it still has a smell to it. A smell that neither my husband nor I like or enjoy. So we have put it on before bed so that way we do not have to smell it. 4/5 stars for both of us. 

Pinch Me Box May 2017 Pure Leaf Black Tea with Peach

Lastly, Pure Leaf Iced Black Tea with Peach. This was the biggest surprise in my box. There were four flavors of tea. You did not get to pick your flavor they just send you one. I liked three of the four flavors that I saw and I figured I would not get the one that did not appeal to me. I opened my box and there it was the one flavor I did not want. I did not think I would be able to give it a fair review at first because I was already disgusted. I do not like peach tea. I usually find it has a sweetness to it which I do not like. Sometimes if even tastes artificial. 

This bag got so much use because it was SOOOOO GOOD! It is the one product from this box I have had to go out and buy because I enjoyed it so much. It tasted more fruity and tropical to me then peachy. I am not complaining about that. It was extremely refreshing for summer. It has been my go to instead of regular, old iced black tea. 

I really hope you enjoyed my review. If you are interested in trying free products with Pinch Me and yes it is 100% free and they never take a credit card. Use my referral link posted below.

If you have any comments or questions please leave a comment or e-mail me at 

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